Panxora Holiday Countdown Event – Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Holiday Countdown Calendar Promotion is set up to deliver new token deposits every day starting at 12 noon UTC, December 16th, with a new token added every day at 12 noon. To receive the tokens awarded on a particular day, the user must visit the calendar on that day. Panxora assumes no responsibility for a user’s ability to access to calendar on a given day. Issues with your internet service provider or browser may impact your ability to access the Holiday Countdown Calendar Promotion and receive token rewards and Panxora assumes no responsibility concerning your ability to participate in the Holiday Countdown Calendar Promotion.

Users must successfully verify their account to participate and receive tokens in the Holiday Countdown Calendar Promotion. Verifying an account can take several days to complete, so applicants will be provided with all tokens distributed from the day you first submit the application, as long as the application is successful by January 1, 2019.  It is suggested that you anticipate this delay and verify your account immediately if you wish to participate. (Watch this video for tips on successful account verification.)

You must be 18 years or older to participate and it is your responsibility to make sure you are legally able to participate in this promotion in the jurisdiction in which you reside. Residents of the United States of America are not eligable to participate.

You may only set up one account to participate in the Promotion. Panxora reserves the right to stop the promotion or to deny access to the promotion to any person or persons at any time without prior notice.