Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trade crypto against crypto or crypto against fiat all in one place.

Buy or short cryptocurrency, the most exciting markets in the world today

Panxora provides access to profit opportunities across the spectrum of well-established coins, less well-known tokens, as well as trading crypto against fiat currency.

Generate returns from your crypto assets in two ways at the same time.

Panxora allows you to trade, long or short, up to two times the total value of the currency in your account.

Getting started

1. Register

Register your username. You’ll be able to create watchlists, view charts and scan depth of market. Verify your account when you are ready to start trading.

2. Verify your account

Panxora takes your security seriously. To begin live trading, you need to submit a scanned photo ID and recent proof of address, which will be stored on encrypted servers.

3. Deposit

Deposit cryptocurrency into your account to use as collateral margin. Panxora accepts dozens of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, ether classic and litecoin.

4. Start trading

You’re good to go. Visit the online manual for instructions on how to place orders.