Do you know which stocks outperformed bitcoin in 2016

Do you know which stocks outperformed bitcoin in 2016


As 2017 starts and we look forward to another stellar year in Cryptocurrency I thought I would take a look at some of the great trades our customers executed in 2016 and the stocks they focused on.

The frontrunner in 2016 was NVDA (NVIDIA Corp). Almost regardless of their trading style the customers that profited most, almost all had, at some stage during the year traded this stock – which got me thinking, did any stocks actually outperform Bitcoin during 2016?

Well – lets starts with NVDA, starting the year at 32.96, by year-end it had reached 106.74, a gain of 223%, almost twice the gain in Bitcoin (Bitcoin gained 125% on the year). Remember, the clients trading NVDA were also holding their bitcoin as well making a spectacular return overall!

But NVDA was not alone. The table below highlights those stocks traded on the FGC platform that exceeded the growth rate of bitcoin, topped by CLF (Cliffs Natural Resources) which gained an astounding 432% on the year. If you had taken a simple unleveraged position at the start of the year using a modest one BTC as collateral ($430 value, 272 shares in CLF @ $1.58 / share). By the end of the year the dollar value of your bitcoin would have increased to $968.23, your equity position would be worth $2,287.52, a total of $3,255.75, a gain of 657% before financing and commission – it makes Bitcoin trading alone look almost ordinary and demonstrates the power of using Bitcoin as collateral to purchase other assets.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing Hong Kong stocks to appeal to traders really looking for some thrilling markets to trade. We will also continue to send out weekly reports showing the high momentum stocks (both highest positive momentum and highest negative momentum) so you can catch the trends early and ride the next big wave in 2017.

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Gavin Smith