First Global Credit achieves 2 major milestones in one month

First Global Credit achieves 2 major milestones in one month


Geneva, Switzerland

First Global Credit has reached two significant milestones this June. The number of registered users now stands at 1006. June also saw a significant increase in the volume of trading on the site. Our clients have now traded well over a half million dollars worth of stocks, all in a single month of trading.

“We have seen a recent uptick in new registrations” commented Marcie Terman, FGC Communications Director. “Many of these new users have joined the service and are immediately shorting stock markets and individual stocks. This bias seems to have been increasing as the Greek Debt crises has intensified”.

First Global’s stock trading service supports both buying and shorting major stocks and indices. “Customers who are long bitcoin are also shorting the stock markets.” continues Terman “This demonstrates perfectly how the service can be used to create profit opportunities in two different directions at once. Because you don’t sell your bitcoin position to place a stock trade, you benefit from the bitcoin price increase we are experiencing whilst also benefiting from the market going down.”

For people wanting to try out the service on the 22nd of July First Global Credit will be running another in their successful series of trading competitions where the winner gets access to a trading account funded with 20 bitcoins worth of margin.

About First Global Credit

First Global Credit is dedicated to creating a capital market for bitcoins. We recognize that bitcoins have value and we empower our clients so they can use bitcoins just as they would fiat currency; to increase the value of their investment portfolios. Through trading services, debt instruments, interest bearing accounts, manager directed funds, merchant services and currency exchanges our aim is to bridge the gap between bitcoins and the world of Fiat currencies.

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