First Global Credit is now accepting applications to join Beta Test Program

First Global Credit is now accepting applications to join Beta Test Program

First Global Credit, the first company to provide collateralized stock, index, ETF and commodity trading opportunities to the Bitcoin market announces that it will be launching an API early in 2015.  The API will make it possible for funds, traders and brokers to link their own systems directly into First Global’s trading platform. This will give them access to real time prices and the ability to place, amend and cancel orders and receive fills automatically.

In order to ensure this new technology is fully tuned to market requirements First Global Credit is now accepting applications to join a Beta test program which will give members a voice in the development and structure of the service platform.

Members of the Beta Test program will also be invited to participate in the development of new services and improvements to the existing trading platform.  This is part of an ongoing development program following the successful launch in October of its initial trading platform and the planned launch mid-November of its Active Trading Service.
“We are currently accepting applications from qualified individuals and companies who would like to enter our Beta Test program,” says First Global Credit Business Development Director Marcie D. Terman. “Our on-going development program will see the deployment of our Active Trading Service designed for people who’s trading style tends towards short-term and intra-day trading, set for launch at The Bitcoin Center of New York on the 20th of November. The next project, which is much more complex, is the release of the company’s API.”

“I am fielding questions daily from fund and professional traders who need an API to make the service work within their business model,” says Terman. “It is clearly something that is required by the digital currency industry.”
“Participation in the Beta Test Program is going to be limited to people and companies with the necessary experience to help us refine future development,” says Terman. “Members will benefit from having early access to the system in advance of the rest of the market so they can test their interface ahead of the API launch.” Continues Terman.
“There is a new class of investment fund springing up to take advantage of digital currency opportunities and the diversification our services provide has a lot of attractions to these companies. But professional traders are used to having all systems linked in one place. This is clearly an innovation that was needed by the market,” states Gavin Smith CEO of First Global Credit. “This is part of an ongoing plan to make sure that all First Global Credit services are in step with the needs of the digital currency market.”

To apply for one of the limited spaces in the program email your details to [email protected].