First Global Credit says Happy 2015 with a gift to our Active Traders – Zero commissions on Active Trader orders until Jan 31.

First Global Credit says Happy 2015 with a gift to our Active Traders – Zero commissions on Active Trader orders until Jan 31.


December 24, 2014
On January 1st First Global Credit launches Active Trader; leveraged stock and commodity trading driven by Bitcoins as margin capital. To introduce the service there will be no commission charged on any trades carried out on the Active Trader Platform during the month of January 2015.

“The zero commission rate is a great way to get traders to try the service,” states First Global Credit Communications Director Marcie Terman, “no commission means traders can take advantage of very small market moves and not worry about commissions eating into profits,” continues Terman. “We want people who have been trading bitcoins on the exchanges to realize there are others ways they can use their Bitcoins to make money. Yes, you can make money buying and selling Bitcoins against the dollar, sterling or euro. However, it can also make a lot of sense to maintain your position in Bitcoins, benefiting from their movement while simultaneously using them as margin capital to trade high tech stocks or precious metals or ETFs.”

First Global Credit introduced the concept of using bitcoins as margin to invest in other markets nearly three months ago with the launch of the Investor Service. But Active Trader takes the proposition to a new level. Active Trader is structured for a more advanced trader who is looking for short term moves and knows how to sensibly use leverage to maximize the potential of their trades.

Active Trader allows our clients to take positions with initial margin of up to five times the value of their Bitcoin investment. Once the trade is in place the service allows maintenance margin of up to eight times the value of lodged Bitcoin capital.

The First Global Credit Investor Service has a fee structure that will appeal to people interested in exercising a long-term market view and making fewer trading decisions. Whereas, Active Trader’s normal fee structure pegs commissions at a low 0.1% and an overnight holding fee of 0.1%.

Register an Account Today

“Traders looking to maximize the benefit of the moratorium on commissions should open an account today. It costs nothing to initiate the process but account verification may take a little extra time over the holiday break.” Says Terman. “Then on January 2nd when the markets open again, the newly verified account holder will have had time to formulate their strategy deciding which markets they wish to take positions in and at what leverage.”

Ticket to Prosperity Competition

Active Trader was released in a demonstration paper trading edition as the platform for the Ticket to Prosperity Trading competition.

”The competition has attracted hundreds of Bitcoiners worldwide, who have been doing some pretty interesting things with the service” says Terman. “Some people are taking the 100 demonstration Bitcoins allotted each contestant and leveraging those Bitcoins absolutely to the 500 Bitcoin limit on a few really big positions. Some are going short ETFs for particular countries and trading around the gold price which is currently in a range while others are going long their favourite tech companies like Apple, Ebay or Google. It’s fun to watch” states Terman.

“The competition prize of a fully funded live trading account seems to really have caught the interest of a great number of people.” adds Gavin Smith, First Global Credit’s CEO an ex market maker himself. “It’s clear that there is a lot of trading talent in the Bitcoin community which is reflected in the variety of trading styles we are seeing represented in the competition.”

How to sign up for Active Trader and get ready for January 2nd

Register a username linked to your email address to receive an automatically generated password which will provide access to the demonstration Active Trader platform. Then go to the Account Settings Tab to submit the necessary information to verify your trading account. Once a confirmation email has been sent upon completion of the verification process you can lodge Bitcoin margin on the platform as follows:.

  1. Login to Live Trading – Investor Service
  2. Go to the Deposit tab to add Bitcoins to your account
  3. You can then transfer a balance to the Active Trader platform by visiting the Deposit Tab in Live Trading – Active trader and selecting the number of Bitcoins you wish to use on the Active Trader service.