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We give your token a competitive advantage

Panxora partners with our token clients using Active Treasury Management to turn their subscription capital into a replenishing resource that gives them a distinct advantage over tokens operating with finite resources.

What is Active Treasury Management?


What is Active Treasury Management?

Instead of ‘drawing down’ the capital raised during a token’s subscription period to finance operating costs, active treasury management uses that capital as principal to generate a profit that in turn is used to finance the token’s operating expenses.

Why is active treasury management so important?

Why is active treasury management so important?

If you spend your subscription capital – it’s gone.

Panxora’s Active Treasury Management is a strategic alternative that actively balances the risk of holding cryptocurrency with the risk of losing your competitive advantage from being over invested in fiat.

Together we create a schedule of capital release that makes sure your operating costs are covered while positioning unused capital to best advantage.

We do this in a way that leaves you in total control of your capital at all times.

How do we do this?


You remain in control of your capital

You own the exchange account – Panxora has permission to trade it for you.

Panxora delivers uses dynamic hedge optimisation to place orders into the trading account you set up with your choice of exchange. You retain the sole right to withdraw funds from the account.

Is Active Treasury Management right for your token?


ICO Advisors

Are you an experienced token advisor? Find out about introducing your clients to Panxora Active Treasury Management Services.

Set up a meeting with one of Panxora’s senior team to register to introduce your clients to the Active Treasury Management Service.

Now accepting appointments to apply for ICO Treasury Management Services

  • Now accepting appointments to apply for ICO Treasury Management Services

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