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Communications and community relations

One of the most critical moments in the life of a newly minted cryptocurrency is the transition from the token sale to project execution. The token community has grown to expect the constant interaction between founders and investors that marked the sale. However, while the need for information by the community remains consistent, founders frequently refocus resources on project execution now that the capital raise is complete.

Not only does this minimise the benefit presented by having a large pool of people that can continue to spread the word about your project, it neglects the risk of leaving a void where the community expects regular updates. The character of the token markets is such that a void is filled by mistrust and speculation.


Panxora’s Active Treasury Management serves as an essential tool in fostering and maintaining communications with your community after the token offering period.  Panxora will deliver regular reports on the management of subscription capital including information on model performance and notation of withdrawals to the company operating bank account.

Transparency like this fosters trust and keeps your constituents on your side so they can continue to act as ambassadors for your brand.

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Token Treasury Management

Token Treasury Management

You have a vision - Panxora helps you fulfil it. After the sale is over, it’s time for the token’s founders to focus 100% on executing the token’s strategy.


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