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In the early days of Initial Coin Offerings, it was fairly easy for tokens to reach their hard cap goals. However, more recent data suggests those days are well behind us as only 13% of token sales that completed in August of 2019 were able to reach this same milestone. This makes raising capital one of the main challenges now being faced by token founders. Panxora helps token founders implement strategies that remove the barriers they face as they strive to raise the capital needed to finance their projects.

It turns out that the tokens that are meeting their subscription goals are those that show a healthy respect for investor capital. This means handling subscriptions in a more considered way. In late 2017 and 2018 many project founders left their token’s assets entirely in cryptocurrency unprotected and subject to volatility risk. When bitcoin slid to 20% of its December 2017 value that left those projects with insufficient capital to meet their goals. Likewise being overly cautious, moving all subscription 

capital into fiat means token founders may lose out during a strong bull market leaving tokens in a weaker financial position when compared to competing projects.

Panxora’s Active Treasury Management is cloud based software specifically designed to face the challenges of managing cryptocurrency volatility risk. Panxora has a proven track record of employing effective strategies that mitigate losses during falling markets as well as generating excess returns when market conditions allow.

In addition to the visible benefits of loss mitigation during a downtown and maximizing gains during an upturn, Panxora Active Treasury Management also:
• Frees the founding team to focus on project execution;
• Adds credibility to a project’s whitepaper;
• Positions a token project advantageously when pitching to sophisticated investors;
• Creates a positive point of engagement by issuing regular reports to a project’s token community.

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Token Treasury Management

Token Treasury Management

You have a vision - Panxora helps you fulfil it. After the sale is over, it’s time for the token’s founders to focus 100% on executing the token’s strategy.


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