Restructured Tokens

Tokens undergoing capital restructure

Many projects launched in 2017-2018 that left funds unhedged in cryptocurrency with no way to protect against bear market action no longer have sufficient capital to execute their plans. This means that there are many great project ideas out there that will never complete because of poor financial and asset management.

There may some projects that still have just enough resources to restructure and resume development. Founders in this situation can adopt proper treasury management to not only preserve remaining capital but demonstrate responsible 

fund management to potential new investors. Making the decision to hedge the remaining subscription capital, only committing excess returns to development will allow the project to move forward. This gives the founding team time to explore options to return the project to full capacity.

Taking these positive steps give the project new life and also help in communicating with the token’s community. Token investors will appreciate the strategy to restore forward momentum of the project.

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Token Treasury Management

Token Treasury Management

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