How to trade with Panxora

Free your crypto-assets to fulfil their potential by trading on Panxora



Register your unique username

Basic registration lets you customise the trade desk, set-up watchlists, and view prices, charts and depth of market.

Verify your account for live trading

When you’re ready, verify your account to go live and start trading.


Submit your documents

Enter your details on our secure page and submit a scanned photo ID and proof of address no more than three months old.

Safety first: KYC verification

Checking your documents is a legal requirement. Panxora takes your security seriously and all documents are stored in an encrypted format, behind the Panxora firewall.



Log into your live account, click on the deposit button to choose your currency and request a unique wallet address. Follow the instructions to deposit cryptocurrency as collateral margin to fund your trading.

Cryptocurrency as margin

By using your cryptocurrency as collateral margin, holders retain ownership of their crypto-assets, while still using them to back trades. Panxora offers up to 5:1 leverage for trading stocks and up to 2:1 for currency trading.

What coins do we accept?

Panxora accepts dozens of coins including bitcoin, ether and litecoin.



That’s it – you’re good to go. Your cryptocurrency collateral margin can be used to trade stocks, currencies or ETFs. Visit the online manual or tutorial video library for simple instructions on how to trade.

Watch the video walkthrough to see how it works