Now you can use bitcoin to trade the profit opportunities in Asia

Now you can use bitcoin to trade the profit opportunities in Asia


First Global Credit, the first company to bring mainstream profit opportunities within the reach of bitcoin holders, has just added over 50 fast moving stocks from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) to those already available on the bitcoin backed trading portal. The stocks cover not only Hong Kong based companies but will make it possible to hold positions in over 30 mainland Chinese companies that are traded on the HKEX. This innovation follows the successful addition of UK shares that were added to the site last year and was a contributing factor as to why First Global saw an increase in trading of 350% in 2016 over the previous year.

“We see cryptocurrency as a way to provide access to profit opportunities that had previously been the domain of professional or relatively wealthy investors to a much wider audience,” stated Founding Director Marcie Terman. “Through the medium of bitcoin, First Global makes it possible for investors from around the globe including the developing world to have access to profitable trading opportunities that simply would not have been possible before bitcoin.” .

“We are now serving growing numbers of traders in Africa and Latin America, as well as parts of Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and even Nepal,” stated Terman. This is following the pattern we expected to see where cryptocurrency is adopted more widely in certain jurisdictions where ‘conventional’ market economies exclude all but the most wealthy participants. It is not only through efficiencies in cross-borders payment transactions that cryptocurrency is benefiting the average person,” continued Terman. .

First Global Credit’s goal is to support bitcoin as an addition to the global economy. To become mainstream, bitcoin holders need to be able to use their capital in all the ways one would use fiat. To pay for goods and services, to trade, borrow and invest to generate a return. Our contribution is to give people the ability to retain control of their bitcoins for the appreciation value while using them simultaneously to generate a return from a wide variety of other investments. In this case from trading a broad range of international equities, though the long-term plan is to add services that will not only benefit people who want to direct their investment strategy themselves but also those looking to generate a return through passive investment. .

In addition to stock and futures trading the First Global site also offers the Currency Switch service which allows bitcoin to fiat trading with some significant benefits over ordinary bitcoin exchanges. Gavin Smith, First Global Credit CEO explains, “Currency Switch works on the premise that it does not matter if you are holding your trading collateral in fiat currency or bitcoin. This allows clients to take advantage of bitcoin price moves while simultaneously trading other markets. So, if a trader identifies an impending decrease in the price of bitcoin they can quickly move their capital into dollars, sterling Swiss francs or euros without needing to cash out of their stock and futures trades. First Global clients have a distinct edge over other bitcoin holders because they can extract profit from their capital in two ways at the same time.” .

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