Trade anytime, anywhere, anyway you choose

Use your cryptocurrency to trade stocks, ETFs, forex, tokens and well known cryptocurrency.

Panxora Web

Set up multiple market watchlists, charts and order books to let you trade at peak efficiency. Watch the video tutorial about customising your trade desk.

Panxora API

Register your basic Panxora Trading Account then email [email protected] and ask that your account be whitelisted for API access.

Panxora Mobile

Trade the opportunities wherever you find them

Panxora traders don’t need to move capital from one website to another chasing opportunities. Since you can trade stocks, ETFs, forex and tokens on Panxora, you are positioned to take immediate advantage of profit potential wherever it appears worldwide.

Panxora traders also benefit from the Currency Switch service. Collateral capital can be moved from cryptocurrency to fiat and back again to take advantage of price movements.

Generate returns from your crypto assets in two ways at the same time.

Panxora allows you to trade stocks, long or short, up to five times the value of the capital in your account. At the same time, you can trade up to two times the total value of the currency in your account.

Visit to view the Panxora exchange volume and low spreads.