Service Update: First Global Credit Releases Quick Trade

Service Update: First Global Credit Releases Quick Trade


January 9, 2015

First Global Credit is launching service improvement Quick Trade, the next phase in the ongoing development of our “Bitcoin as Margin Market Trading Services.” There will be a new Quick Trade Tab available the next time a trader logs into any of the simulated or Live trading platforms on the First Global Credit website.

How does Quick Trade work?

Quick Trade makes it easy to setup a trading screen loaded with up to 12 of your favourite markets from a complete list on the right side of the page. There is a Blue ‘Buy’ button to the left of the chosen market and a Red ‘Sell’ button to the right, along with the Live Bid and Offers for that market.

As you watch the Bids and Offers in the market you can choose to place a Buy or Sell Order by clicking the button. A pop up opens asking you how many units you wish to trade. Once you click enter, your order is placed in the market and you can view the fill price on the Position Management Tab.

To see further information on how Quick Trade works, please visit our online Trading Manual.

We ask all people interested in our services to try Quick Trade and let us know of any improvements you’d like to see added to the service tab or any of our service features?