Shortest Month Yields New Trading Highs of $2.2m for First Global Credit

Shortest Month Yields New Trading Highs of $2.2m for First Global Credit


March 3, 2016    Geneva / London / Hong Kong

First Global Credit, the first company allowing bitcoin holders to trade mainstream stocks announced that in February $2.2m worth of stock and currency trading took place on the website. This represents a new high in the amount of trading handled through the site which set its last record in November of 2015 when $1.8m worth of stock trading took place on the site.

“There is no doubt that the number of trading opportunities in the stock market right now has helped stimulate trading,” stated First Global Communications Director Marcie Terman. “But the number of people using the site to increase the value of their bitcoin holdings has been steadily increasing over the past 6 months as well. That has also contributed to First Global’s performance in February.”

Following on from the news about achieving new highs with stock market and currency trading, First Global will be add commodity futures trading to the website on Monday, March 7th. “This will be another first for the digital currency market,” says Terman. “We are committed to bringing the same kinds of choices fiat currency investors have to the digital currency marketplace. I am really looking forward to seeing how people utilize the platform in the coming months. Whether we will end up with people who are skilled only in stock or currency trading or if the majority of our customers will trade across the full range of market choices.”

Also In March the company will start promoting a new trading competition which is designed to not only introduce new traders to the platform but also to reward the best players with positions in the coveted Private Trading Group. The Private Trading Group is a network of talented traders that are either given access to fully funded trading accounts (in the case of competition winners) or a part funded account for those accepted by CV into the trading program. The Private Trading Group is one way for talented traders to start generating a live track record so that they can be included when we open the Star Trader Tracking Portal later in 2016. “Star Traders will be able to publish their live results in a portal designed to introduce profitable traders to people who hold bitcoin but lack trading ability.” Continues Terman. “The Star Trader portal is another example of how First Global adds value to the digital currency market.”