State of the Bitcoin Market Nov 13 2014

State of the Bitcoin Market Nov 13 2014


In October 2018, First Global Credit rebranded to Panxora. Any references to either company should be treated the same

Regular readers who followed our advice should now have established a full position at an average price of about $333 (levels of $340, $333, and $325). The rapid rise on Nov. 12 to $430 is too good to resist so we recommend taking off 1/3 of the position at current levels ($425).

We would hold the remaining 2/3 position looking for a move up to $530 where we would sell the remainder. On the downside we would look to stop out of the remaining 2/3 position if we decline back below $360, if we reverse this high volume spike upward then we would probably retest the October lows – at the moment we believe this is a highly unlikely scenario.

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