Winner Announcement – Competitive Edge Trading Competition

Winner Announcement – Competitive Edge Trading Competition


The First Global Credit Trading Competitions are always interesting to watch. It seems like there are no 2 traders that have the same view about the same set of markets. Of course there are the specialists. People that excel in trading bitcoins against fiat currencies, stock or futures traders. There are few people that do well over all the market categories.
Because of the lack of big moves in the market, this was a difficult competition to trade, especially for currency traders who had a boring time until the last few days of trading when bitcoin went to the moon.
One thing that is noticeable in this competition is that we had fewer people who over speculated, tanked and gave up. During the last competition in April 2016 about 650 bitcoins worth of losses were recorded against 183 during this competition. Of profits, we had a total of 485 bitcoins made during this competition against a total of 560 bitcoins made back in April. That is most certainly a function of market opportunity. So now, let me introduce you to the people who have The Competitive Edge and will receive the fully funded Live Trading Accounts with the opportunities to make unlimited bitcoin profits.

Aaron Welton

Membership Start Date: August 2015
Private Trader
Specialty: Trades both stocks and currencies

Bio Notes: Aaron is a consultant and web developer, He is a two time winner of previous FGC competitions.

3 time winner

Alejandro Alvarez

Winning Category: Futures
Membership Start Date: May 2016
Day Job: Serial Entrepreneur, Computer and Network Security Expert
Specialty: Futures trading

Bio Notes: Alejandro is a serial entrepreneur and father of 4 who not only enjoys futures trading, but a rich and active lifestyle as well.

2 time winner

Drosa Daniel Tararache

Winning Category: Stock and Currency
Membership Start Date:
November 2016
Day Job: Hospitality industry manager
Specialty:Stocks and currency

Bio Notes: Drosa Daniel Tararache is 36 year old and works full-time in the hospitality industry. In the past he has mined bitcoins but now is focusing on developing his talent as a trader, which he would like to see as a future career path.

Jay Trades

Winning Category: Stock / ETF Trading
Membership Start Date: May 2016
Day Job: Freelance
Specialty:Forex and Commodities

Bio Notes: Jay is 20 and is involved in a number of bitcoin related project. He is fairly new to trading and a real outlier, early adopter kind of guy. He bought his first bitcoin late in 2014 and is an analytical trader.