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The Panxora Group

The Panxora Group is a consortium of crypto-companies that bridge the gap between the conventional and the crypto markets. Founded in 2014, originally branded as First Global Credit, the first service, a multi-asset cryptocurrency exchange gives our customers the ability to trade a range of asset classes from one customisable trade desk. Our next challenge (2017) was the launch of AICoin, which used proprietary AI models that sought inefficiencies in the cryptocurrency markets and exploit them to our advantage. This technology and the hedging software developed alongside of it have become a key resource that Panxora uses to build profit potential for the group and her clients. In 2018 we founded The Panxora Crypto I hedge fund and this is followed in 2019 by the introduction of Panxora’s ICO treasury management services.

What is Panxora’s vision?


The Panxora Vision

Panxora is a customer-centric group of companies founded on values of integrity and transparency. We believe that cryptocurrency will not replace government controlled currencies, but that it will take its place as an integral part of the financial landscape. We believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain can promote responsibility in government, international commerce and provide the developing world with access to the financial marketplace.

We support our client’s choice to conduct their financial lives using cryptocurrency and will develop services and products based on their requirements.

We want to afford our clients that choose to use cryptocurrency the same range of flexibility and service enjoyed by individuals and businesses using fiat currencies.

Everyone on the team shares this vision.

The Panxora Team

The Panxora founding team had established careers and solid reputations in traditional finance working for some of the world’s most profitable commodity traders and global financial service companies.

Since 2014 we have harnessed that expertise to create a portfolio of high growth financial service companies that benefit from proprietary technology developed by our team of market professionals and data scientists.

Gavin Smith


Marcie Teman


Andy Tynan


Joe Belmonte


Now accepting appointments to apply for ICO Treasury Management Services

  • Now accepting appointments to apply for ICO Treasury Management Services

Welcome to Panxora, the new name for First Global Credit


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