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Treasury Management Service

In established industries, companies that retain a position in a volatile resource like cryptocurrency will hedge that position as well as use that resource, if they can, to generate a return. This is common practice in businesses that need to hold commodities like metals or oil to run their core business.

These companies will use trading models to hedge against a drop in the value of the resource they are holding. The models will be designed to provide the benefit from rising value as well. This property is the same in cryptocurrency and is frequently overlooked by companies operating in the crypto markets today.

As cryptocurrency moves towards mainstream acceptance, our portfolio of services is growing to meet the needs of a wider audience.

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Panxora’s AI Treasury Management  Models

Panxora’s Treasury Management AI Models protect crypto-assets for token projects and other organisations that hold long cryptocurrency positions. If the goal is to reduce the negative aspects of volatility while benefiting from upside potential.

Panxora’s SaaS model trading system links directly into exchange accounts owned and controlled by the client. We do not take custody of assets at any time. Panxora is provided with API access to trade the client’s exchange accounts.

Immediate access to performance statistics and trade information is always available through a password protected dashboard.

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