Treasury Management Service


Before the token sale, Panxora gives your token a competitive advantage

In the early days of Initial Coin Offerings, tokens reached their financial goals with ease. The market was driven from the retail side as individuals excited by the rapidly rising price of bitcoin were looking for early access to the next big coin which could be had at a discount during the token sale.

In 2020, the capital still available for token investment has pivoted to include a more seasoned investor. While some retail interest still exists, it is more professional investors looking to diversify their portfolios to include some high risk/high reward exposure, that is driving investment in tokens launching today.

Panxora helps tokens prepare to attract professional investors

Panxora helps founders make their token more attractive to professional investors by establishing a framework where subscription capital is held with a regulated custodian and hedged professionally using Panxora’s Strategic Capital Allocation Service. The custodian is charged to release capital to the team based on milestones established through the operational plan and budget. Professional investors will give more weight to projects that already have these measures in place. This can put your project at the top of their list for investment.

After the token sale is over, Panxora can maximise available capital

Raising sufficient capital to not only achieve the project’s goals but maintain a competitive edge is a challenge. A project that only achieves its soft cap, may be operating at a disadvantage if unexpected costs arise or something in the market changes drastically like the entrance of a better funded competitor.

Panxora’s Strategic Capital Allocation Service will not only protect the token’s capital from cryptocurrency volatility, it will strive to generate excess returns as well. This gives founders the potential of an alternative to searching for additional capital later.

Rejuvenating token projects that are facing failure

Token projects can find themselves stalled midway through delivery for a number of reasons. Some underestimated their burn rate, mismanage capital or in some other way end up with insufficient investment capital.

These founders face a difficult decision. Seek additional investment in what has become a very difficult market? Or carry on and hope that things turn around before all the cash is gone?

Panxora provides a third alternative

Rather than give up, founders can consider slowing down on executing plans and couple that with moving subscription capital into exchange accounts traded by Panxora’s Strategic Capital Allocation Service. The SaaS will not only protect the project’s remaining capital, it will also seek to generate excess returns that can give the project the capital it needs to get to the next goal.

Panxora’s Active Treasury Management is cloud based software specifically designed to hedge cryptocurrency against volatility risk. Panxora has a proven track record of employing effective strategies that mitigate losses during falling markets as well as generating excess returns when market conditions allow