• Panxora AI wins out over human traders in Bitcoin bull and bear markets

    Human traders at crypto hedge funds suffered heavy losses in 2018 Panxora’s AI technology adapts and thrives in difficult market conditions Achieved over 120% returns in 21 months 5th June, 2019: In 2018 the median discretionary crypto hedge fund was down 63%[1]. In fact, throughout last year, the market seemed to do everything it could […]

  • Thoughts on the current bitcoin rally

    We talked with our CEO Gavin Smith and he weighs in on the state of the cryptocurrency market. Why are we experiencing a Crypto-rally at the moment? The market was due for a rally and this is a positive sign. Taking a step back – we are not expecting this to be a straight line […]

  • Panxora Launches ICO Treasury Management Services

    Panxora safeguards ICO assets with crypto treasury management service • Over half of ICOs fail within four months • Panxora’s new Treasury Management Service helps them to not only survive but thrive • Panxora has an existing track record of successfully managing capital through bull and bear markets The Bahamas, 23 April 2019 – The […]

  • Panxora announces DIO Competition Winners

    DECIMATED (DIO Token) TRADING COMPETITION The DIO competition is now complete. Thank you all for playing. HUMAN CITIZEN Competition Traders were ranked on the percentage return achieved by trading DIO for the 4 weeks of the competition. Winners will now receive one month (commission free) market maker account for all their DIO trading after the […]

  • Join the Panxora team at Blockchain Life Singapore April 23-24

    We’re looking for a few lively, crypto-enthusiasts to join the Panxora team to work at the Blockchain-Life Trade Show at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, as we launch a new service this April. The Role You will act as a brand ambassador for Panxora at our show stand. Gather information from people that come to […]

  • Riding a “unicorn”, Lyft pops and drops on IPO debut

    Riding a “unicorn”, Lyft pops and drops on IPO debut by Peter Hunt (peterhunt.com) Lyft Inc -Nasdaq LYFT Thumbing a taxi ride like so many long-established business models have been transformed by the smartphone, a truly disruptive technology. Lyft, the App driven, ride operator has relegated the thumb to second place as the index finger […]

  • Macy’s Stock – Macy’s, doing a “turnaround twirl”

    by Peter Hunt (peterhunt.com) With a history that spans from 1858 to the present day, a portfolio of 800 stores that spans the nation, Macy’s can rightly be considered by many as “America’s department store.” The business is comprised of both Macy’s and the premium brand Bloomingdale’s – the enduring slogan, “a store like no […]

  • Levi Strauss Returns to the Public Market – Investors button up for IPO

    by Peter Hunt (peterhunt.com) Ticker Symbol: LEVI Levi Strauss became a publicly traded company back in 1971, some 48 years ago. At that time the world was a very different place, China and Eastern Europe were definitely not big markets for jeans and the Internet was yet to be born. The move back then by the […]

  • Iagon Founder Interview

      Iagon is a platform that allows participants in its network to harness the unused storage capacity and processing power of multiple computers in order to turn them into a productive and profitable resource. It does this over a decentralized Blockchain grid that in effect creates a global supercomputer that uses artificial intelligence to integrate […]

  • Now Available to Trade on Panxora – TIP

      Panxora is adding TIPETH to the cryptocurrency trading exchange starting at 12PM GMT on Wednesday, February 27th. About TIP – The TIP blockchain is designed to overcome the difficulty of introducing blockchain payment mechanisms to the mainstream because of the difficulty and uncertainty associated with using them. TIP proposes the replacement of the blockchain […]