• New stock – British American Tobacco

    Is it time to look again at British American Tobacco? The second-biggest tobacco company is facing challenges if it wants another crack at market dominance. There is no doubt that the market for tobacco products is in transition with the outlook for cigarette replacement devices in flux, but BTI (traded on NYSE) is still the […]

  • Use XAI Tokens for a Fifty Percent Trading Commission Discount

      Special offer for a limited time Use XAI tokens to pay commissions on Panxora exchange and receive a 50% discount Beginning Monday, February 18, Panxora will allow you to use XAI tokens to pay the commission on all trading on the Panxora exchange.  And for a limited time, any commission paid in XAI will […]

  • Getting your account verified for live trading

    To prepare your account for live trading on Panxora you must go through the standard AML/KYC process. This is made up of proving who you are and where you live. You must also be at least 18 years of age. Identification You must submit a government issued photo ID such as a passport, driving licence […]

  • Thoughts on where bitcoin is headed in 2019

    by Panxora CEO, Gavin Smith Even the most casual bitcoin follower will have felt that bitcoin has been in a bear market since its peak in December 2017. From the December 2017 peak of just under $20,000 down to a low of a little north of $3,000 in December of 2018 this represents a fall […]

  • Volatility of Tesla Works to Accumulate BTC

    We have superimposed the Logarithmic TSLA Chart over the BTCUSD chart to demonstrate a higher degree of short term TSLA Volatility as compared to BTC. In this trade we have someone with the view that BTC is a long term bull play, but is taking a short position in TSLA with an in point in the 334 – 347 range. Then, you could […]

  • Trade FORCE PROTOCOL on Panxora

      Trading FORCE PROTOCOL Goes Live – 3 Jan, 12 noon UK Time Symbol: FRP Trading Pair: FRPBTC Fees: Buying FRP –0% commission Selling FRP – Price maker commission – 0.1%, Price taker commission – 0.2% No deposit or withdrawal fees Token Overview Force Protocol are developing blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions for the global games industry, primarily […]

  • Holiday Countdown Token Award #10

    The Panxora Holiday Countdown Award for December 25 is 40 XAI tokens Summary: AICoin – Generating profits through crypto-trading for investment in a growing portfolio of early stage AI and blockchain companies. About AICOIN AICoin is a unique concept in finance; a token that merges the benefits of AI modelling and “the wisdom of the crowd” […]

  • Holiday Countdown Token Award #9 – QKC

    The Panxora Holiday Countdown Award for December 24 is 20 QKC tokens Summary: Quarkchain (QKC) A High Capacity P2P Transactional Network About QuarkChain QuarkChain provides a secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain that claims to be able to deliver 100,000 + transactions a second. It is being billed as a third generation blockchain solving the security and […]

  • Holiday Countdown Token Award #8 – FUN

    The Panxora Holiday Countdown Award for December 23 is 100 FUN tokens Summary: FunFair (FUN) is a token that is using the blockchain to deliver a trustworthy casino gaming environment through white label distribution. Details: About FunFair FunFair is a revolutionary blockchain technology platform that enables anyone, anywhere to create an online casino in seconds Using Ethereum […]

  • Holiday Countdown Token Award #7 – TRX

    The Panxora Holiday Countdown Award for December 22 is 40 Tron tokens Summary: Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology, that allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content. Details:  Tron was one of the MEGA tokens of 2017 with a $70m subscription phase. […]