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Risk Management

The publishing of this website does not constitute a recommendation by the Panxora Crypto 1 Fund or the Panxora Management Corporation. Neither the Panxora Crypto 1 Fund, Panxora Management Corporation, the Directors, the System Manager, or any other person, is offering any advice to viewers of this website on the merits of using the Panxora Active Treasury Management Service. This website does not necessarily identify, or purport to identify, all the risk factors associated with these services or the trading of cryptocurrencies. Prospective applicants for this service must make their own independent assessment, after making such investigations as they consider necessary, of the merits of using The Service. Prospective applicants for “The Service” should rely upon their own investment, accounting, legal and tax representatives and advisers as to such matters concerning The Service and to evaluate independently the financial risks, consequences and suitability of engaging Panxora to deliver The Service.

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