Panxora at Blockchain Life Asia

Panxora at Blockchain Life Asia


this recap provided by Shukran Bonaparte, local brand ambassador – Panxora Treasury Management Services

Panxora launched the new ICO Treasury Management Service at the Blockchain Life Asia show on April 23-24that the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore. Over 3,000 crypto traders, cryptocurrency exchange representatives, investment fund founders and entrepreneurs from various fields gathered on the 4thfloor of this iconic hotel to take part in an event which lasted 2 days and hosted more than 80 speakers. In addition to the talks about the token industry, the event also hosted an exhibition floor representing more than 100 cryptocurrency companies including cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO startups, mining pools, mining equipment suppliers, blockchain projects, rating agencies and many more.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Resort is a masterpiece in architectural design based on three 55-story towers with a height of 200 meters and a large gondola terrace which spreads across all three buildings. It has become famous for its architecturally significant roof top infinity pool which looks out over the city of Singapore.

Gavin Smith, Panxora CEO gave a talk on how token founders are finding they need to take a more professional approach to managing subscription capital gathered during a token’s ICO phase. This kind of care is now being demanded by investors who, in 2019, are definitely taking a more discriminating approach to where they put their investment capital. Mr. Smith covered some simple techniques founders could use to manage the risk of catastrophic loss of currency value due to crypto-volatility. But people seemed particularly interested in Panxora’s approach to crypto asset management which adapts techniques used by successful commodity trading companies to make up to 50% of their yearly profits using dynamic hedging models. Panxora is now offering this as a service to the crypto industry.

“There are enormous points of congruity between cryptocurrency and the commodity industry,” states Smith. “A token founder has a large amount of a highly volatile asset, cryptocurrency, that they collected during the ICO. This money is needed to execute the token’s strategy. – A commodity company has a large amount of an asset like copper that they need to hold for a particular purpose. The commodity company has to hedge their position in this volatile asset to protect against risk. It has become a common practice to trade around that large position to generate a return – frequently as much as 50% of the company’s yearly profit will be based on a dynamic hedging approach.” Panxora has taken these techniques and proven that they work in cryptocurrency based on what they have done with the company’s proprietary funds, that have been under management since 2017, through both major bull and bear markets. This was covered during Mr. Smith’s well received talk on the benefits of actively managing the assets tokens have under their control rather than leaving them passively in crypto or stable coins.

The Blockchain Life show which is in its third year has become one of significance in the industry as blockchain notables Roger Ver and Tim Draper gave speeches and then could be seen swarmed by crypto enthusiasts trying to get their attention while they looked around the exhibition hall. This made the atmosphere bright and lively. The event felt as though we were walking a red carpet full of crypto celebrities.

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