Panxora opens up the financial markets to crypto investors

Panxora opens up the financial markets to crypto investors

  • Exchange allows users to generate return from cryptocurrency assets without divesting their position in the asset class.
  • Over a dozen cryptocurrencies accepted as collateral, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, ether classic and litecoin.
  • Users can trade ETFs and over 500 stocks from Germany, the UK, Hong Kong and the US including Deutsche Borse, Adidas, Apple, Lenovo and EasyJet.

23rd October, 2018: The past 12 months have seen many rush into cryptocurrency investment, guns blazing. Following the initial rise and fall in 2017, the general consensus is that a solid base is forming in the price of cryptocurrency and it’s right to hold (or ‘HODL’) onto the asset as we see what comes next. The problem with this approach is that those having considerable assets tied up in crypto now find themselves with limited options for generating returns from their capital.

That’s where Panxora comes in. It gives crypto owners a better option than simply sitting on their assets. As with any other capital, investors should have the opportunity to use their cryptocurrency to try to generate a return. Panxora delivers on that promise, giving cryptocurrency owners direct access to currency, stock and a variety of other asset classes through ETF trading without having to trade out of cryptocurrency first.

Panxora’s co-founders boast significant careers working in some of the most successful privately held financial companies in the world. It has been successfully delivering uninterrupted service to the crypto space since 2014, under the name ‘First Global Credit,’ and will continue under ‘Panxora’ to give cryptocurrency holders the same freedom to pursue financial opportunities as traditional currency holders.

Gavin Smith, CEO of Panxora said: “Right now, Panxora is an exchange that gives cryptocurrency holders direct access to various currency and stock markets. But that’s just the first step in our ultimate goal to dissolve the distinction between fiat and cryptocurrencies when it comes to financial opportunities. Looking ahead, we will continue to bring ever more choice within reach of crypto asset owners. Everything we do, in every field, is aimed at that goal.”