BCH Fork Update

BCH Fork Update



After the hard fork scheduled for November 15th, Panxora will fully support both BCH blockchains and tokens on those chains.

Customers who are long BCH at the time of the fork will automatically be credited with both tokens after the fork.

Customers who are short BCH at the time of the fork will automatically have a debit applied to the new token that matches their position in the pre-fork BCH token.

Market forces will drive whether both blockchains remain viable. If both blockchains prove viable we will provide trading capability for both tokens. We will also support account deposit and withdrawal for both tokens. If the market determines that only one of the blockchains is viable, then this blockchain will be assigned the ticker symbol BCH and we will provide trading on that token alone.

BCH withdrawals will be suspended 8 hours prior to the time of the fork and will remain suspended until both chains are deemed stable and replay protection has been applied. (Or the risk management team deems that risk is minimised to an acceptable level). Experience of previous chains indicated this may take as much as 7 days from the execution of the fork.