BCH Fork – Further Information

BCH Fork – Further Information



This is the expected timeline that will be followed for the Bitcoin Cash fork on Panxora. All times are in UTC.


  • BCH pairs will be suspended for trading on the Panxora platform.


  • All orders in BCH will be cancelled
  • The new tokens will be introduced in suspended state. The name for these new tokens are:
    • BAB – Bitcoin Cash ABC
    • BSV – Bitcoin Cash SV
  • Customer positions in BCH (whether long or short) will be converted into the same number in both coins. Please note if you are short BCH your short BCH position will be closed and 2 short positions in BAB and BSV will be opened. These transactions will be marked at 0 value with zero commission.
  • You will be able to review your forked token positions


  • Trading will commence on the BAB and BSV tokens


  • When the chains have stabilised we will re-enable withdraws on the two new tokens
  • Depending upon market convention, at some time in the future we may re-label one of the markets as BCH.