Tutorial – Key to Panxora Trading – Watchlists

Tutorial – Key to Panxora Trading – Watchlists


In October 2018, First Global Credit rebranded to Panxora. Any references to either company should be treated the same


Panxora is based on trading from Watchlists. This is more efficient because traders monitor only the markets they are interested in trading. To set up a Watchlist with markets you want to track select ‘Create New’ from the Watchlist dropdown menu.

Open the list of available markets by clicking on the ‘+Add Market’ button to see the full range of markets.

Enter the market you are looking for in the box. There are over 500 stocks from 4 countries, dozens of ETFs or tokens available to trade on the site. (Did you know that verified traders can request that markets be added to the Exchange? Just email [email protected] with your market selection.)

The Watchlist is the Key to Panxora Trading

Now that you’ve created a Watchlist with your set of markets, save the Watchlist so you can reopen it any time you return to the exchange.

What you can do with a Watchlist

Click on the market name to pull up charts.

Click on the BID or OFFER to open a BUY or SELL Order Ticket.

You can save as many Watchlists as you like. For instance, a tech stock watch list or fast moving cryptos or choose from a range of pre-built watchlists.

Read the full Online Trading Manual or watch the Introduction to Trading on Panxora video tutorial.

Log in to the Panxora Exchange.