• First Global -Who We Are

    First Global Credit is the world’s first financial services company that delivers the potential of mainstream market trading within the reach of cryptocurrency holders. The company was founded by risk management specialist Gavin Smith and Data Security Specialist Marcie Terman. Smith and Terman head a team of financial service professionals that have worked for the world’s apex financial service and technology companies.

  • AICoin ICO nearing successful end of offering period

    Multiple factors cited by investors as key to driving purchase AICoin (www.aicoin.io), a new style of investment collective that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the wisdom of the crowd, is nearing the successful close of the ICO subscription. The six-week subscription period began in mid-July and will end this coming Monday, August 28th, […]

  • AICoin Announces Investment Board Formation

    August 17, 2017 Singapore AICoin, a new type of investment vehicle that works as a collective combining the power of artificial intelligence with the wisdom of the crowd is nearing the close of its ICO subscription period. The Collective follows an investment strategy that provides profit potential from two interrelated revenue streams designed to accelerate […]

  • Hard Fork Policy Update

    · Bitcoin withdrawals have been re-enabled. · First Global clients will have their bitcoincash credited to their accounts shortly. · In addition to being able to trade BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/CHF and BTC/GBP we will be adding a BTC/BCC and BCC/USD currency pairs to trade. · The ability to withdraw BCC will be available shortly as […]

  • AICoin Appoints Jon Matonis as First Member of ICO Start-up Investment Board

    July 31, 2017, Singapore – AICoin ICO, the world’s first tokenized investment collective, announces the appointment of Jon Matonis, one of the original founders of the Bitcoin Foundation to the AICoin Start-up Investment Board. AICoin is the first passive investment service created by First Global Credit, a blockchain capital market company that has been serving […]

  • How First Global Credit Will Handle a Hard Fork

    All our client funds are held in cold storage or in a BitGo multi-sig wallets. In the event of a hard fork the following process will be followed: There will be a temporary suspension of deposits and withdraw requests. If any funds are deposited by an existing customer to an existing address then the funds […]

  • Generating Wealth through Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain

    First Global Credit announces the launch of AICoin ICO June 26, 2017 Geneva / London / Hong Kong First Global Credit, a premier cryptocurrency capital markets company, has entered into a partnership with a team of developers using Artificial Intelligence trading algorithms to form AICOIN (aicoin.io), a unique ICO that will formally launch on July […]

  • Investment Opportunity for First Global Clients

    Something I’ve been looking at for a while in my role as CEO of First Global Credit is the way that we can use public blockchains to the advantage of people I would class as “Passive Investors.” These people are sophisticated, so they understand that where there is outstanding potential there is likely to be […]

  • Do A.I and Cryptocurrency work well together?

    By Marcie Terman Founding director: XBT Corp Sarl Just because Grindelwald and Dumbledore had a deadly brawl during their quest to revolutionise magic doesn’t mean two great powers cannot be used in concert to change the world. This could be the worst way to start an important conversation about financial technology, but stick with me, […]

  • Stock Market Trend Report 24 April 2017

    Trending stocks are a great thing to watch when looking for market opportunities. This week has a high number of winners on 52 week highs and no downside stocks Log into trading site now.