Now Available to Trade on Panxora – TIP



Panxora is adding TIPETH to the cryptocurrency trading exchange starting at 12PM GMT on Wednesday, February 27th.

About TIP – The TIP blockchain is designed to overcome the difficulty of introducing blockchain payment mechanisms to the mainstream because of the difficulty and uncertainty associated with using them. TIP proposes the replacement of the blockchain address with people and business names. Much in the way you call a number into the active buffer of your mobile phone, not by keying in the number, but by keying in the contact’s name. It is proposed that this will make the TIP blockchain more attractive to vendors by making blockchain use more accessible to the mainstream population.

The first generation of the app named Kasakasa – is available for Android. Users can now register your unique “crypto” username; search & find contacts by usernames or upload them from your phone; send/receive cryptocurrencies with short usernames as addresses; encrypted chat; in-chat cryptocurrency transactions.

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