Volatility of Tesla Works to Accumulate BTC


We have superimposed the Logarithmic TSLA Chart over the BTCUSD chart to demonstrate a higher degree of short term TSLA Volatility as compared to BTC. In this trade we have someone with the view that BTC is a long term bull play, but is taking a short position in TSLA with an in point in the 334 – 347 range. Then, you could create a stop loss order to close half of the position @ 351 (to limit risk so the position could be held, even if things initially went in the other direction). At a price of 312, the profit could be swept from the short trade into BTC, while still  maintaining the TSLA short with a target price of 300. My expected time frame on this trade is until around the 12th of January. The benefit of sweeping profit into bitcoin further increases profit by having a greater value in BTC in anticipation of the rise because BTC  has recently started to look more promising in the near to medium term.
Lawrence Schnellmann

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