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Trading FORCE PROTOCOL Goes Live – 3 Jan, 12 noon UK Time

Symbol: FRP
Trading Pair: FRPBTC


Buying FRP –0% commission
Selling FRP – Price maker commission – 0.1%, Price taker commission – 0.2%
No deposit or withdrawal fees

Token Overview

Force Protocol are developing blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions for the global games industry, primarily to help independent game studios and publishers launch games successfully in an ever-crowded market.

To date they have fully operational and proven integration to several games, across mobile and PC platforms and are preparing for a huge game launch of The Six Dragons in Q2 2019 that will have a pure FORCE crypto economy model.

All this has been achieved after raising just over $750k in seed investment and token sales during 2018. Compared with some others in the space, they are the first to achieve real and direct integration to games, not through simple third party API libraries.

Additionally, they are working toward having their own games industry dedicated blockchain that will allow games to launch their own tokens, and run third party services. To achieve this, they are establishing a blockchain development fund and will offer a full 1 for 2 token swap for any ERC-20 token holders to the new FORCE native token on their dedicated blockchain.

The organisation is founded and run by Pete Mardell, a former lead software developer of over 10 years of experience. Together with his team, with their lead business executive having over 8 years of games industry experience. Additionally, they own corporate shares in a UK based game publishing studio, TheGameWall Studios, which gives them unparalleled access to game publishing routes and the ability to form strategic partnerships.

The company has also run several live dynamic advertisement campaigns with their technology for brands such as Vodafone, Domino’s, AXN and IMAX. Being pioneers in this space, they have established themselves as a credible organisation to delivering these solutions in the industry.

Total token supply: 50,000,000
Total available supply: 33,525,276

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